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Aug 17, 2009
Free tranny pics

free tranny pics

The action at TrannyTrouble revolves around good looking straight guys that fall for beautiful chicks with dicks and end up sucking on their cocks, fucking them and being fucked by them. I'm not sure why and perhaps you don't care, but nature has given most shemales amazing bodies so it's not hard to understand how so many straight guys get seduced by t-girls. All the action at TrannyTrouble is amazing to watch and often almost impossible to believe! Seeing a guy give up on a lifetime conviction, suck cock and then get screwed in the ass is something really worth watching. Members of the site get access to over 60 bonus sites and the trial is as close to free as it gets so go take a look at the tour now!

If you find it hard to believe that a straight guy can fuck an ass and think it's a tight pussy then go take a look at TrannyTrouble! There are really a lot of dumb ass horny guys out there that get conned after picking up what they believe to be a very beautiful babe and falling in love with her tits and ass. The action at TrannyTrouble is often extraordinary to watch and almost impossible to believe because supposedly straight guys, in the heat of the moment suck on monster cocks and then allow then into their virgin asses but the action is very convincing! Members of TrannyTrouble also get access to a ton of bonus sites and the three day trial is almost a give away so if trannies do it for you in any way then go take a look at the site now!

Tranny Trouble

Aug 16, 2009
Crossdressers galleries

crossdressers galleries

If you're a fan of cross-dresser sites, or have visited several of them and are not sure if the niche is for you, then you'll have noticed that they all feature pretty young men that look like pretty young girls, even before they put on their makeup and women's clothes.

Well if that was your experience, then you haven't yet visited JackOffLingerie, because it doesn't feature all the same pretty boys that the other sites in the niche do.

JackOffLingerie features men that look like real men before they go through a wonderful transformation, and lots of guys find the result a lot more exciting and sexy.

Just think of it. A guy that could be a cop or a fireman, slowly and expertly putting on a face-pack, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick, and then getting dressed up in either wonderful lingerie and stockings or beautiful skirts and blouses, or dresses.

The change is very weird and very dramatic to say the least.

All the content is high quality and exclusive, and in addition to the jacking of material there's a lot of hardcore content too, including some excellent threesome interaction.

The site is a lot of fun as well as being sexy, which is something that should make it appeal to straights as well as to gays and bisexuals, and the ample amount of content, the regular updates and the price make JackOffLingerie a must visit site if you enjoy the niche.

So go check the trial, and see just how much fun and sex there is on the site!

Crossdressing Sex

Aug 15, 2009
Tranny anal

tranny anal

If you love tranny action and are looking for a site that's both high quality and well put together then go take peek at TransSexualz and the chances are that the content will keep you coming back for more.

The site has a lot of interracial content and in addition to the fucking and sucking that you'd expect there's also some excellent gang bang, double penetration and facial content.

You'd be easily forgiven for thinking that the gorgeous shemales on the site were beautiful women and it's easy to imagine a guy picking one of them up after a few drinks in a club. Not one of the ladies on the site has an erect dick that measures less than nine inches though and one can just imagine how an unsuspecting guy would feel when he suddenly got one of those rammed up to the balls in his ass or mouth.


Aug 12, 2009
Tranny fucking

tranny fucking


ShemaleNova is a true standard setting tranny megasite that provides pretty much everything and anything that a fan of the niche could ever want.


The site is extremely well put together and the navigation is super simple so that within a few minutes you should be moving around the site with ease.

The site has lots of great looking t-girls in lots of exclusive content that was shot in lots of different places and if you like to browse then you can check content right back to September 2005 which is when the site was created.

The material is hardcore and the shemales love nothing better than fucking good looking guys, getting the favor returned, sucking or being sucked and they even gang bang each other, and as a last resort if they have better to do they jerk off and spray cum everywhere.

There are buttons across the top of every page that will take you to the updates, the models, the videos, the top 15 favorite shemales and a forum. If you're wondering what happened to the photos well there are several thousand high quality ones but they're to be found on the models' pages and they can be downloaded in zip format.

The UPDATES are coming around every five days the updates page allows you to view them by month and year and they're all logged and content dated so there's no cheating going on and if you see something that you like you can download the whole movie or choose any one of six parts.

The MODELS page is perhaps surprisingly where you'll find the photos instead of in a section of their own. There is a 'model search' function which enables you to search by the model's name, her age or her nationality and once you find one that you like a click on her thumbnail will take you to a page that has lots of good sized thumbs that open up full sized pictures. There are between 30-100 pictures in each gallery and several thousand in total and you can download them in zip-file format. Text below each model tells you how many members have viewed the her page and you can also vote for her.

The site had several hundred made in house high quality VIDEOS available at the time of my visit and they were between 16-20 minutes long and available in the following formats ..
Vid Format: Windows (.wmv) 600k, 520x400 In-Browser, Windows (.wmv) 2000k, 720x400 Downloadable, Quicktime (.mov) 900k, 640x480 Downloadable

You can download a movie in one piece or in six separate parts and there is no DRM (no license restrictions).

There is another section of the site called TOP FIFTEEN which has big thumbs of the fifteen most popular t-girls on the site as chosen by members and clicking on their thumbs will take you to their pages.

The Forum didn't have much happening on it but you could probably leave some messages or upload some content to give it a kick-start and really get some action going because some of the forums on other sites in the network are as busy as I've seen anywhere.

Members of ShemaleNova also get free bonus access to 550 movies and some of them are 'full length' and I'm talking about over 90 minutes and more.

Anyone that signs up for a second month which wouldn't be at all surprising gets free access to one of the following sites which makes the deal a very good one.,,,, or


If you like the tranny niche then chances are that you'll enjoy Shemale Nova because it has lots going for it and no obvious minuses except that it may seem a little on the expensive side. I don't think it's cheap but then I don't see how it could be given the large amount of high quality content and the ongoing updates. The tour has lots of free clips and what you see on the outside gives a very real idea of what's on the inside to go take a look at some of them now and see what they do for you.

Welcome to Shemale Nova!